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Popular Video/LipSync app "" has been closed down and migrated to "TikTok"  - so why all the hooha?!

TREND ALERT!   The hugely popular video/lipsync app, is officially shutdown as of August 2018.  

This is due to the app's new owners merging it with already owned app TikTok - to which all 100 Million users were automatically transferred on 2 August.

Please read our article and don’t just believe the first information you find on google.

Contrary to what we first discovered, it is not all doom and gloom!  

The app is lots of fun to use as users download songs and then dance and lipsync along to the tunes.  There are all sorts of filters and fun easy edits.  Its really entertaining to watch too.

No need to PANIC!   but do go into Privacy Settings immediately!

The security settings are very much like Instagram, where a private account requires the user to give their permission in order for someone to follow them. There is a good PARENT INFORMATION section on the app under the settings, where you can set a password, which is valid for 30 days, so you can set a usage limit to 2hrs a day and/or the option to block adult content.  In addition, you can block people you don’t know from being able to DM (Direct Message) you.

What we think is COOL?  If your child is under 13 and you don't want them to use the app, you can email the developer and they will block your child.

As with any web app, if you don’t switch off the GPS settings a hacker could track the user.  And if you open your account through one of your other social media accounts or link your account to one of them, you give both apps permission to access to the information about you that is stored on the other app.  

Note: TikTok does monitor and record all messages sent via their app, yes, even privately - so it is good to be aware of that. They also reserve the right to keep any content, even after it has been deleted for as long as they like - so NO - don’t lip sync naked!

If you take the time to play on the app with your teenager and talk to them about safety, which you should have done before they got their smartphone - then once the security settings and privacy settings are set properly, we don’t think that they are at any more risk using this app than any of the other popular ones out there!


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