Shaping the Culture of Social Media 

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Trend offers a series of talks on the latest apps, trends, games and ideas grabbing the interest of our tweens and teens in society both in and out of the cyberworld.  

Parents will be able to open these channels of communication and travel on a journey with their children through one of the most difficult times of their lives.

For Schools

The digital age offers so many opportunities for schools to make use of ipads and laptops to integrate the learning world with real world experiences to offer a holistic approach to education. Children can be taken into the heart of a volcano or show a speech given by Mandela online, to a real world event taking place in real time.  

But with this introduction of digital media comes a responsibility to educate parents and teachers alike on the dangers but also on the magnificent world that is at the fingertips of our learners in the 20th Century.

Parents tend to be weary of the digital age and drive children into a world of anti-social media by not engaging and delving into the cyber world of wonder and learning to experience this platform with positivity and knowledge to allow for open channels of communication.

Trend offers learners a series of talks to engage with them and present social media in a positive light. These talks will empower children to make the most of this one aspect of their lives and teach them that it is only a part of the unbelievable, awesome, unique individual that they are.  

Trend aims to partner with schools to enable children to make the most sensible, safe and responsible use of the digital media tools available to them and to empower the youth of today to create a kinder safer net for all who have the privilege of entering the amazing cyber world.  

Presentations are customised for different grades offering a perspective which is age dependent:

Grade 3 – 4

- Digital safety  

- Online manners

- Creating life long positive digital habits

- Friendship and empathy

Grade 5 – 6  

- T.h.i.n.k about what you post

- Info sharing

- Group sharing

- Power of words

- Online and offline behavior

- Cyber bullying and standing up to social cruelty

- Self-esteem


Grade 7

- Personal responsibility  

- Sexting, self-esteem

- Inappropriate sharing

- Cyber bullying and privacy

- Responsible consumers and producers of digital media

- Online permanent positive digital tattoo

Grade 8 – 9

- Sexting, self-esteem

- Gaming

- Privacy  

- Responsible consumers and producers of digital media

- Cyber bullying and privacy

- The law  

- Permanent online digital tattoo

Grade 10 – 12  

- Sexting, dating sites, online hookups

- The law

- Positive online digital tattoo

- Building your personal brand, 'whats in an image'

- Benefits of going offline and maintaining balance

How to use your social media platform in your career

-  linkedin, facebook and Instagram and youtube to have a career

-  advance your career


Please contact us to book a talk for your school or  if you require more information.