Shaping the Culture of Social Media 

So, who is Kirsty Horn?

Having grown up in Jo’burg, Kirsty has been in the media industry as a television presenter from the age of 12, presenting & researching both pre-recorded and live.  15 years later, she got married and currently lives in Cape Town with her husband, their two daughters aged 6 & 14 and son age 13.
A self-confessed gadget freak, hacker of all things computerised and lover of the impossible, bigger, better reality of life. Kirsty, relates well to the younger generation as she finds herself intrigued and drawn to their world. 

Kirsty's energetic presentations leave guests feeling informed and positive.

Kirsty Horn is on Trend - book Kirsty as the guest speaker for your next corporate function or fundraiser. 


Kirsty Horn, the founder and face of TREND, joined forces with Diane McGown (marketing/business/ content) to manage and develop TREND.  

This tireless dynamic duo are constantly researching to ensure that material presented is always current. (This is no easy task –  studies from as far back as 2016 are already outdated!)

What does Diane McGown bring to the table?

Diane is an experienced marketer, public relations campaigner and event organiser with a strong business background.

She writes a monthly article in the parenting section of a national magazine and works with Kirsty to develop and create the material for Trend.

With 3 children aged, 23, 22 and 14 - Diane brings a more mature approach to parenting in this generation.

How it all got started.....

Passionate about communication, Kirsty found herself exploring the age old dilemma of the generation gap between parents and tweens / teens as her own children and their cousins ventured into the unknown territory of tween and teen hood,

Whilst there is a vast amount of coverage of the evils and dangers of social media, there is very little light shed on the wonders and positive aspects of social media. Kirsty established through a pilot group of 10 moms by running a course, called Trend, that there was a great need for parental education on trends, social media and the world our young teens are engaged in on a daily basis. Parents are extremely short on time, so they need compact information that they can immediately implement and work with.  She experienced great feedback when she researched trending content and presented to the parents in an informative and simple decoded format. Social media is such a fast moving, short-lived, trend based space and an environment where ignorance can land you in serious hot water. Not ignorance on the childs part but ignorance on the parents part. There is no benefit in your child thinking that you have no idea what you are talking about so if you are still asking your child what standard he or she is in or needing them to set the ringtone on your phone, then you are the kind of parent needing Trend in your life.

Parents drive children into a world of anti-social media by not engaging and delving into the cyber world of wonder and learning to experience this platform with positivity and knowledge to allow for open channels of communication.


As with all forms of communication when speaking a new language, you need to learn how to engage in the new lingo and this was the basis for Trend.